The seller of this quad-level style home in Lake Zurich contacted Direct Property Buyer to explore the sale of their home. The house itself was in decent condition but the dogs they had made it hard to show the house in a favorable way. The sellers previously tried to sell it on the MLS with a Realtor but didn’t have interest because it wasn’t showing well. At first the sellers didn’t have a solid plan in place of when they wanted to move but knew they’d be moving to another property they had out-of-state. When they were ready, a contract was signed for Direct Property Buyer to purchase it, “as is”. When moving day came, the sellers were not as ready as they originally thought and they were allowed possession of the house to complete their move after the closing. The house was cleared out of personal items left behind, completely painted, appliances and water tank replaced, replaced some plumbing fixtures, and it was eventually resold to a family to live there.