Some Words From Our Customers


Eric was wonderful to work with! Purchased a rehabbed home directly from him pre-market and was able to make some changes/customizations! Very easy to communicate with — did an outstanding job from start to finish! Would definitely recommend him and hope we can work together again in the future!

Christina Lotzer

“Highly Recommend”

Eric was fantastic to work with. He made the selling process extremely easy and stress free. We really appreciated his commitment to sort through the belongings we left behind and donate what he could for others to use. I would highly recommend Direct Property Buyer for anyone looking to sell a home quickly “as is”.

Louise Meeker

“Big Relief”

We had a long term tenant who left the home a mess when they left. We didn’t have the time or finances to restore the home to selling condition. We weren’t sure if the property was something Direct Property Buyer would be interested in. They met with us just days after our initial call and made an offer within an hour of the walk-through. No need to take out what the tenants left, or clean – nothing. Direct Property Buyer handled everything and we closed within three weeks. The relief we felt was tremendous – it was so simple and stress free. Thank you Eric and the team at Direct Property Buyer!

Jean Heis

“Professional & caring”

Eric is a terrific person with whom to work. When we first met, we took time to discuss our plans and needs about selling our house. Eric took his time going through the house checking everything out and provided us with a very reasonable offer. Unfortunately, we encountered some medical issues with my wife that caused some delays in closing. Eric was very patient and helpful in providing suggestions on how to overcome the challenges we faced. He was also in touch with us regularly to keep us in the loop with what was going on in IL (we were living in GA). I would work with Eric again in a heartbeat. I’ve never met someone who was more professional and caring about the people. I can highly recommend him.

Stephen Johnson

“Best Decision”

After researching all possibilities of selling my home from dealing with an “as is” buyer to putting the property up through a real estate with all that it entailed, I decided to go with Eric Strung (Direct Property Buyer ) and accept his offer. Best decision I made in a long time. He offered a reasonable price , offered to pay all costs and gave me the option to take what I wanted and leave what I didn’t want behind. He prepared the contract and set up all paperwork right up to the closing in just about 3 weeks. It was a pleasure dealing with him and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Karen Larkin