Sell Your House the Easy Way

Direct Property Buyer consultants are licensed Realtors* and abide by the Realtor code of ethics. Expect no commissions if you chose to sell to Direct Property Buyer. Enjoy a conversation about selling your house in Chicago without high-pressure sales.

​Many other house buying companies represent that they will buy your house. Unfortunately so many of these deals allow or require the buyer to assign the contract to someone else. If this buyer can not find someone to pay more than what they agreed to pay you, they back out of the deal because they don’t have the necessary funds and you need to start over. These wholesalers rely on showing your house while you still own it complicating the process.

Direct Property Buyer purchases the house, so you can sell your house as-is directly to the people taking ownership. With Direct Property Buyer’s 16+ years of experience in the area, you can sell your house fast in Chicago without stress or anxiety.

Local. Based in the Chicago area, we only buy in Chicagoland and always will.

  • We pay cash and buy without contingencies.

  • We buy As-Is. No repairs necessary.

  • No broker commissions.

  • No closing costs.

  • No formal inspections.

  • No SPAM. We will never share or sell your details.

  • No obligation. Contact us for a free consultation.

  • No “bait and switch” offers. The offer we present will not change before the offer expires or after you accept it.


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